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io9 [Celluloid 11.02.10] post apocalyptic movie news

Micheal Caine has joined a large group of drama pros in a science fiction retelling of Henry V, set on the edge of the apocalypse.

A tweet from Production Weekly alerted us to the existence of this strange apocalyptic Shakespearean story. First off, check out the talent attached to the film; Michael Caine (The Dark Knight), Ray Winstone (Gangs Of New York), Vinnie Jones (X-Men 2), Gerard Depardieu (Les Miserables), and Derek Jacobi (The 5th Element). Still no word on who is playing what, but this is like the Expendables of dramatic actors.

The next thing this movie had going for it is the insane synopsis:
In an age of apocalypse, in a land without a leader, a dissolute prince finds redemption when he crushes a rebellion that threatens to destroy his father's kingdom. But upon assuming the throne himself, he immediately engineers a war against a neighboring state to slake his lust for power.

Despite his enemy possessing weaponry rendering their forces almost invincible, the newly crowned king seizes a glorious victory from the jaws of defeat by ruthlessness and cunning. But for all his wiles there's one thing the young monarch has overlooked. Just as he's prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure victory, so is his enemy...

So yes, color us interested. Presumably, this movie's coming out on St. Crispin's Day.

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Lotus Eater (12 years ago) Reply

Shit sounds cool.

I wonder where a copy of it is floating about?

This sounds like a good movie to get lit to. William Shakespeare was officially a bad ass motherfucker. He smoked coca cigars, which induces trances.

boil boil toil and trouble shit yeah!

It aint got shit on night of the comet though.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Derek Jacobi isn't in the Fifth Element - that's Ian Holm. BUT Derek Jacobi is in the Kenneth Branagh version of Henry V.


Rook (12 years ago) Reply

I am both excited and horrified by this concept. LOL!


radalan (12 years ago) Reply

You might want to edit those.

Derek Jacobi isn't in Fifth Element. The most memorable movie I remember him in, is the Gladiator.

Ray Winstone isn't in Gangs Of New York. Best drama role of his I've seen is in Cold Mountain

And Vinnie Jones isn't in X-men 2, he's in X-men 3.

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