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Dimeworth Films is a name that’s been coming up quite a bit in my weekly video searches and it’s one that’s already come up on our radar with the production of Ayz Waraich’s short film The Divine River (trailer).

Earlier today I noticed Waraich’s name attached to another project, this time as the writer for another Dimeworth project. Directed by Vancouver’s Dan Gaud, Daylight features a man in search of his wife “in a dying world, where dangerous creatures prowl the night, and only daylight can keep you safe.” I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that the “dangerous creatures” are vampires (or something like it).

The concept teaser for the film is kicking about the interwebs and it looks promising, featuring some nice visuals and effects. The use of NIN isn’t exactly original but a little Reznor is always good by my books so no complaints from me.

Since we’re already at it, another Dimeworth production of note whose trailer has been kicking around the web for a few weeks is Neil MacKay’s Skeleton Lake about ”six ruthless bank robbers encounter someone far worse.” Though this trailer looks promising, I must admit I’m not quite as excited about this film as I am about Daylight. Still, worth checking out.

Both trailers after the break.

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rek (11 years ago) Reply

That trailer for Daylight is really well done, though the actiony bit toward the end should have had a bit more impact.


Todd Dole (11 years ago) Reply

Looks shit....


average joe (11 years ago) Reply

Looks like yet another sad attempt at 28 days later!


billy bum blast... (11 years ago) Reply

Can you say..... I am Legend? Wow! S H I T!


Andy (11 years ago) Reply

I like it. Though I also liked the trailer for Terminator: Salvation. Damn you Trent Reznor for getting me excited about that film. Also, levitating cars? And that was clearly a zombie.


buzz (11 years ago) Reply

the actor in daylight looks a bit like trent reznor.


Here we go again (11 years ago) Reply

If I hear NIN in another indie film!!!!
I'm giving up for good when it comes to looking for artistic integrity in these films...
Is the whole indie scene stuck in 1991?
Get a haircut and put some headphones on and get cultured in music!
It looks like every wannabe film maker goes running to the almighty super hero!!
TRENT REZNOR for music!
And labels it "Art"


Nan (11 years ago) Reply

This looks awesome ! Plus I saw on twitter that the whole thing (filming + editing +vfx) was done in less than 2 weeks ! And to all of you who keep criticizing, I'm pretty sure you could'nt a 1/60th of what they did !!


Frank Ieraci (11 years ago) Reply

I like them both..... and they look good.....
They make films, they arn't wanna be's because I asked Judd what he does and he spacifically stated "I make films!"

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