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quietearth [Celluloid 10.12.10] United Kingdom movie trailer news drama noir

I've been following Suki Singh for a couple of years ever since I found out about his planned film Analogue, a thriller where murder is solved using bits of sound, and since that got pushed off till next year, he filmed this in the meantime. We first reported on this in June and Suki just sent me the teaser this morning, and I have to say, it blew me out of the water, so enjoy.

Emulsion is a Psychological Thriller about a man looking for his missing wife. RONNY MAZE and his wife ISABELLA stop at car park in Bournemouth to get some rest after a long drive.

RONNY wants to make a call home but he realises his mobile battery has gone flat, so he makes a call from a local phone box. When he returns back to the car park, he finds the car door is open and his wife ISABELLA has gone missing.

Ronny gets a room in local hotel and keeps returning to the same car park every night to look for her, to keep his search alive. In fact, he spends so much time in the car park that the local security company employ Ronny to work there so he afford stay in the area and look for ISABELLA.

Everyday Ronny leaves his job, pack his things, gets in his car and heads home to move on with his life. As he drives out of Bournemouth his anxiety and the guilt grows in his heart that he is leaving Isabella behind. His guilt and despair always get the better of Ronny slams on the brakes, only for him to return back to the car park and look for her.

During one evening Ronny sees a local prostitute attacked in the car park on the security monitors. He gives chase as the attacker drives away with the prostitute in the boot of his car. Ronny is lead deep into the Forest by the suspect.

Ronny finds the suspect’s car hidden deep in the forest but there is no sign of the prostitute or attacker. Ronny breaks into the car and finds a reel of film on the backseat. Ronny takes the film back to the hotel.

What Ronny sees on the film changes his live forever and changes his reality and perception of what really happened to his wife, one year on, to this very day.

Teaser after the break.

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