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Ridley Scott is going back to Philip K. Dick, the man who gave him one of his greatest movies, Blade Runner. What would the world look like if we'd lost World War II? Scott's Man in the High Castle miniseries will show us.

According to the Guardian, Ridley Scott is producing a four-part BBC miniseries based on Philip K Dick's novel The Man in the High Castle. Howard Brenton, the playwright and Spooks writer, is presently adapting the book. Its a pretty complicated story with handful of story lines that follow a variety of characters, so it's perfect miniseries fodder. It should be interesting to see if Scott keeps his miniseries set in the same time period as the book, the 1960s — we feel like he may be tempted to update it to the here and now. But either way, we're really excited to watch the world-building begin on this feature.

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Daniel (12 years ago) Reply

OMFG! Love the novel.

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