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quietearth [Celluloid 10.07.10] movie news

The director of To Kill A Killer is auditioning for and is close to a full cast for his next film, tentatively titled "Frankenstein: The Day of the Beast". The titular doctor hires a group of mercenaries to protect him from the film's more feral Monster, giving the flick a more Predator-esque angle. Click through for the film's official Facebook page: Frankenstein 2011.

In an interview with The Independent, director Ridley Scott revealed possible details a two-part 3D prequel to the original "Alien" that focuses on the origins of the infamous xenomorphs, 30 years prior to the first flick. LOST scribe Damon Lindelof is reworking a script Ridley described as being about "...gods and engineers. Engineers of space."

The Deadline reports on meetings between a pool of possible directors for their upcoming adaptation of Suzanne Collins bestseller Hunger Games. David Slade (Twilight: Eclipse), Gary Ross (Pleasantville) and Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road) are being joined by Andrew Adamson (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe), Rupert Sanders (Halo short film) and Nanny McPhee Returns director Susanna White for consideration.

The director of Moon, Duncan Jones, has officially targeted March 11 of next year for the debut of his new film, Source Code. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal with Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga.

Director Alfonso Cuaron has a new sci-fi film in the works titled Gravity that may be in jeopardy due in part to Angelina Jolie declining the lead role that Warner Bros. is convinced belongs to a high-profile actress. A recent script review reveals why; it calls for as few cuts as possible in order to heighten tension as the lead character, trapped in space, escapes one near-disaster into another.

The Ju-On series director Takashi Shimizu finished his latest 3D horror film, Rabbit Horror 3D and is ready to premier clips from it soon. The storyline, it seems, involves a stuffed rabbit that transports the heroine's brother into an alternate world that she must rescue him from.

Production company IM Global has, on their website, an information page for their film adaptation of the Judge Dredd comics. Keywords describing the flick are "dark", "futuristic" and "neo-noir". Involved are director Pete Travis of Vantage Point, actor Karl Urban and 28 Days Later writer Alex Garland.

Word is out on another Zombieland movie. Ruben Fleischer, the film's director, has explained that it will be in native 3D. Characters from Zombieland return, bringing with them fleshed out backstories told in flashbacks as well as some of the film taking place in the characters' futures.

Back in 2008, Variety reported on the Del Toro-produced film adaptation of Hater, a novel by David Moody that documents a global pandemic of murder. Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona of The Orphanage fame, the film might be stalling; most recent update was talk of a finished and turned-in script back in August of last year.

Bruce Campbell has been discussing ideas for his next starring film, titled Bruce vs. Frankenstein. The script apparently "blows" but Campbell is still enthusiastic about assembling a "who's-who" cast of horror film veterans.

In an interview, Stephen King mentioned that the Dark Tower series might be transforming into a TV series accompanying one or more full-length films. Writer/producer Akiva Goldsman and co-producer Ron Howard are working on adapting the massive tale for the screen.

Yet another ..of the Living Dead film is being made and the creator is John Russo, both writing and directing "Escape of the Living Dead", said to begin filming late October, according to JoBlo.

Fresh from a successful showing at TIFF, MONSTERS director Gareth Edwards has moved on to a new project with no title as of yet, with Timur Bekmambetov co-producing alongside Jim Lemley of WANTED. The description of the film apparently provided by Edwards is so nonsensical and vague it doesn't bear repeating.

Milla Jovovich, in an interview with New York Magazine, has confirmed her husband's desire to make another Resident Evil sequel.

Cloverfield monster, watch out! It looks like Voltron is a movie and "official" concept art posted at JoBlo depicts the Japanese-born robot-tiger amalgam making a scratching post out of Lady Liberty. Take THAT, freedom!

From Production Weekly's Twitter account; Andy Fickman (Race to Witch Mountain) is attached to direct the horror/comedy spec Boy Scouts vs. Zombies written by Carrie Evans & Emi Mochizuki.

Director Cory McAbee of cult sensation American Astronaut has begun location scouting for his next full-length film Werewolf Hunters Of The Midwest in addition to revealing the existence of a new "micro-budget" feature with no details to speak of.

IGN has an exclusive scoop on Mark Millar's (Kick-Ass co-creator) directorial debut, titled Miracle Park. Described as "X-Men meets Trainspotting", it's being shot handheld-style focusing on a "... violent and a totally new experience in cinema." The plot: animal rights activists break into a research facility and stumble onto a massive US base where experiments are taking place.

Variety reports that Takashi Miike is planning a 3D remake of 1962 samurai flickHarakiri.

The director of MARTYRS has more casting announcements for The Tall Man, including Teach Grant ("Fringe"), William B. Davis ("Fear Itself") and Samantha Ferris (Grace), all joining Jessica Biel who plays a mother seeking the titular boogeyman that kidnaps children, including hers, in the town of Cold Rock. Better make magic happen with a premise that stale.

Hope you weren't a big fan of "Ender's Game" because the director of the dismal Wolverine movie has gotten hold of it and is reworking the original Orson Scott Card script, apparently seeking a director's chair. This announcement comes on the heels of the film's revivification by Odd Lot Entertainment, responsible for The Spirit. Yikes.

Details have emerged regarding Legendary Films' Godzilla film; Producer Brian Rogers spilled the beans during an interview posted at this blog. Most notably, Godzilla will be taking on another monster and will be entirely CGI.

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donc48 (10 years ago) Reply

Lets see more Zombie epics, Redoing Judge Dredd (In Gods name why?). Hater may not be made into a movie? Bummer David Moody is one of the most under rated talents out there along with Jeff Carlson, and Scott Sigler. All three have what a dozen novels between them and not one can get made into a decent film. I settle for decent not great Casablanca great I know that is asking Wayyyy too much. Aliens prequel in 3d what the hell? How many Living Dead movies do we need before somebody says enough! Ok I’ll stop now and I’m sounding unbalanced.

I am curious what dose anybody think of the Dark Tower series being made into TV series? That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard today.


synthyte (10 years ago) Reply

Going to have to read HATER soon; good things being said all around; will check out Carlson and Sigler.

As long as money can be made off the ALIENS franchise, they'll do it, and 3D is a gold mine right now. Because the original NotLD has lapsed into public rights, people will just keep making sequels and remakes because it's free intellectual property.

Dark Tower just doesn't work as anything besides a novel series; there's way too much interplay between King's other works. Without the interwoven narratives, it's merely a good fantasy series, not the phenomenon we have read.


Lenny (10 years ago) Reply

March 11 marked on the calander and I'm sorry but Monsters was boring!! So not to much excitment about Edwards next...

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