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quietearth [Celluloid 10.05.10] United Kingdom movie trailer news drama crime

Don't even bother trying to steal that line, I got that sh*t copyrighted.

In December 1995, three of the most notorious gangsters of the mid-90s were were found gunned down in a Range Rover in a deserted lane in Essex. Two men were eventually convicted of murdering these infamously violent drug dealers, who were feared throughout the county for their violence and crime. Divided by greed and bonded by the blood of their victims, the Essex Boys' rise to the top of the criminal underworld was just as dramatic as their final fall. The men convicted for the Range Rover murders proclaimed their innocence. This is the whole story.

Trailer after the break.

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8den (12 years ago) Reply

I worked on this nonsense for 3 days, before suffering a incredibly serious kidney infection that left me in ICI.

I think I got off lightly.

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