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quietearth [Film Festival 09.29.10] Germany movie trailer news scifi documentary

I'm digging the spiritual aspect of this.

Will man go beyond biology? It's an age-old dream to create intelligent machines that equal their human creators. Computer experts around the world, like Raymond Kurzweil and Hiroshi Ishiguro, strive to fulfill their bold visions. Meanwhile, of all people one of the pioneers of the computer age, Joseph Weizenbaum, battles against the limitless faith of society in the redemptive powers of technology. A fascinating yet uncanny and sometimes grotesque journey into science reality.

Trailer after the break.

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Yuu (9 years ago) Reply

thanks for reminding me again that I would<a href=""> dieneitfly</a> like this movie ...I cannot believe it has passed me by for so long ...this is what I love about the internet .Love your whole world women ..thanks for it :)

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