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quietearth [Celluloid 09.24.10] movie news scifi gallery

Update: John got back to us and we have some new deets and a teaser!

As I stated in my review of John's previous film, Scars of Youth, he has the vision and the talent, he just needs the money and a good producer behind him. That said, he's working on a new project called The Synthetic Man which we unfortunately don't have plot details on as John has not answered my emails. I'm guessing it's scifi by the title and the stills available on his blog. Maybe we can give him a little push to give up details with this post.

Described as a mix between They Live and El Topo, The Synthetic Man is about a young man who finds out that he's the product of some strange alien breeding projects on our planet. He's tormented by all these demons, both internal and external..

John has also divulged that even his friends are shocked at some of the scenes in the film as they are quite graphic. I'm in!

Teaser clip after the break.

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