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quietearth [Celluloid 09.16.10] movie trailer news horror action thriller

I'm guessing this is out of Hong Kong but it opens in China next month, and unfortunately we don't have a synopsis, but damn if this doesn't look good.

Trailer after the break. via 24FPS

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uncleB (11 years ago) Reply

I'm suprised no one in the United States has made a american version of Battle Royale. I understand Columbine and 911 have made most film makers uneasy about the subject matter but if they can americanize OLD BOY (which will suck starring Will Smith). Come on Hollywood, its been long enough.


ReplicA (11 years ago) Reply

Looks pretty good, but that canned scream at the end drives me insane. Just a personal thing, but those Willhelm screams are not cool, audio people, stop using them!!
uncleB, I think ONE of the reasons there hasn't been a hollywood remake of Battle Royale is, child killing is still taboo here in the states. A lot of people would flip out if they saw high school, and junior high kids killing each other on a movie. Old Boy has taboos as well, including child death, but not so much child killing/murder. But that's just a guess, really. Either way, I hope there's no remake of either of those films.


BOB (11 years ago) Reply

There's a real hint of SAW in this film; granted, it's not exact and "death trap" movies are far older than SAW, but I get the vibe - imagine ENTER THE DRAGON and SAW together and I think you get the idea behind this movie.

As far as a B.R. remake in the U.S. - it would take a brave director, a bold studio, a good budget and a willing public: all of those would be tough to find in one theater, but it could happen if the story is tweaked a bit to fit the more U.S. corporate/commercial conspiracy mode.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

About Battle Royale, Hunger Games trilogy has been greenlit - it will be filled with kid on kid violence, and has a similar game setup.


El Gringo (11 years ago) Reply

I read last week that a Battle Royale remake was in the works but so many people petitioned for it not to be made that the producers ended up pulling the plug. I guess people thought an American version would do a dis service to the story. I personally would love to see an English speaking version.

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