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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.15.10] United Kingdom movie trailer news thriller drama crime

Graham Greene’s thriller “Brighton Rock” has seen many different lives since its publishing in 1938. It was first a stage play, later a film (titled Young Scarface for its North American release) staring Richard Attenborough (who reprised his role for the film as he had played the same character years earlier in a stage production) and now it sees life on the big screen yet again.

Adapted from the novel by screenwriter Rowan Joffe (he also wrote the screenplays for 28 Weeks Later and the recently released The American), Brighton Rock also marks Joffe’s feature film directing career. Greene’s story is one of mystery and murder. Fred Hale (played in this new version Sean Harris), arrives in Brighton on an assignment, terrified because he once betrayed the leader of a gang which is now controlled by a teenage sociopath known as Pinkie Brown (played here by the fantastic Sam Riley of Control and Franklyn (review) fame, who is very likely to make quite a splash on Hollywood with this role). Pinkie kills Hale, covers it up by committing a number of other crimes and along the way ends up in a marriage with Rose, a waitress that knows some secret that has the power to destroy Pinkie’s alibi. Where does Helen Mirren fit into all of this? She plays Ida, a kind hearted woman who comes into the action via a chance encounter with Hale and then takes pity on Rose who finds herself married to a murderer.

There’s a lot to take in, particularly as this is simply the plot and no mention of the questions of morality at play in Greene's novel, but if Joffe can deliver a good script adaptation and some decent direction, he has the talent in front of the camera to pull this off and if this first clip is any indication, he’s done it. Here we see Ida trying desperately to convince Rose that she has to turn Pinkie into the authorities all the while, he’s banging down the door, threatening to break it down and unleash the wrath of a man with no morals.

Clip, via The Playlist, after the break.

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