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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 09.01.10] Canada movie scifi horror cult western

Canada is getting another awesome genre film festival in Saskatoon's first annual Dark Bridges Film Festival! From September 24 - 26, 2010 programmer (and Row Three film blogger extrodinaire) John Allison presents the best in new horror, action, western, sci-fi, comedy and cult features from around the world.

I was going to hit the fest this year and cover the action, but can't due to a super secret project I'm working on. So, if you're a Quiet Earth reader from Saskatoon who has experience and wants to contribute reviews and updates from the event, leave a comment and we'll hook you up with a press pass.

Check out the line-up after the break.

Friday, September 24, 2010

7:00 pm
Centurion (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Uncle Jack & Red Princess Blues
Opening Gala – Brutal Roman action movie from Neil Marshall

9:30 pm
Dawning (Canadian Theatrical Premiere) w/ Off Season & Wilted
Disturbing and terrifying cabin thriller.

12:00 am
El Monstro Del Mar! (Canadian Theatrical Premiere) w/ Necronomicon & Frank Dancoolo Prarnormal Drug Dealer
Faster Pussycatt Kill Kill with a Sea Monster

Saturday, September 25, 2010

1:00 pm
Werewolf Fever (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Remote & Surface
Werewolf invades a late night burger joint

3:30 pm
Long Pigs (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Dead Bones
Mockumentary about Cannibalism

7:00 pm
[REC] (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere)w/ Inferno of the Dead & 36 Sous Sol
Original Spanish Zombie movie that inspired Quarantine

9:30 pm
[REC] 2 (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Deus Irae & Alice Jacobs is Dead
Sequel to [REC]

12:00 am
Death of the Dead (Canadian Theatrical Premiere)w/ The Elusive Man & Game Night
Zombie ninjas, what more needs to be said…

Sunday, September 26, 2010

12:15 pm
Saskatchewan Short Films
A selection of short genre films by Saskatchewan film makers.

1:30 pm
Black Field (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Without Wings & The Thomas Beale Cipher
Canadian dark historical drama. Admission by donation or with festival pass

3:30 pm
A Film with Me In It (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ No Escape
Irish black comedy that is best seen with not knowing anything about it

7:00 pm
High School (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Worm
Stoner comedy with Adrien Brody as drug dealing Psycho Ed

9:30 pm
The Good, The Bad and The Weird (Saskatchewan Theatrical Premiere) w/ Junko’s Shamisen
Closing Gala – Korean kimchi western blockbuster

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Dark Bridges (12 years ago) Reply

Thanks for mentioning the festival. We are currently looking at setting up a deal with a hotel for discounted rates for anyone from out of town.

I would like to think we have a really cool fun range of films. The one I'm looking forward to most is seeing The Good, The Bad and The Weird back up on the big screen. I saw it at TIFF back in 2008 and it blew me away.

Please feel free to check out our facebook event page (!/event.php?eid=102547473136724) and please let everyone know about the festival.

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