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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.27.10] movie apocalyptic news scifi horror

A new Facebook group called 500,000 to get PANDORUM sequel has started up and we think you should join it. It's no secret I loved every minute of Alvart's scifi nightmare vision (my review to prove it) and based on his vision for a trilogy I think it's fair to say there is a killer franchise that's yet to be exploited. But you don't have to take my word for it. We caught up with the Pandorum director to get his thoughts on the new page and find out exactly what he has planned for forthcoming chapters.

Here's what he had to say:

"I just found that facebook group myself and thought 'you know what: crazier things have happened in the movie business.'"

"I never made it a secret that I originally wanted PANDORUM to be the middle chapter in a trilogy. I feel we haven't even scratched the surface of the more interesting concepts that are unique to our story universe."

"The second one would actually be a prequel, starting with Gallo and some new characters on Earth while the mission is being prepped and ending with him and a new kickass protagonist fighting it out on the ship. As we know Gallo wins this one, but there are some great revelations about the mission as well as Leland's tank and the fate of a few characters that we would meet again in part 3. The movie ends with older Gallo killing Payton and setting the things in motion that we witnesses in PANDORUM."

"Part three would be the direct sequel to PANDORUM and unite the characters from 1 & 2 to fight against all odds to build a new civilization on Tanis which is more hostile than they thought. They also have to return to the wrecked ship to get all the stuff they need to survive and colonize.
The prequel would be a psychological sci-fi thriller (no monsters). The finale would be psychological as well (our biggest enemy is our own behavior) but would have some all-out war scenes on Tanis on a greater scale. So probably a sci-fi war movie. All three will share scary moments though. That's all I want to give away for now."

"As people discover the film, I hope they also discover ways to support the "trilogy". The Facebook page is a good start and maybe that'll lead to test the stories in graphic novel form and ultimately become the movies I'd love for you to see!"

Personally, I think the world wants this kind of movie and is growing weary of Predators and Aliens. Alvart's vision to tell one large story arch by following different characters sounds fresh and I like how he doesn't just want to make the same movie again. I want to visit Tanis and see what the alien planet has in store for the film's survivors.

Bottom line? Quiet Earth REALLY supports a Pandorum sequel folks so help out!

Join 500,000 to get PANDORUM sequel today!

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Live for Films (12 years ago) Reply

That would be so cool. I loved Pandorum so anything set in the same universe would be great


MarcusArt (12 years ago) Reply

Come on folks this is worth supporting. The first film had real meat to the story so the next one would be even more awesome.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Yes. Awesome. Joined.


Anglebender (12 years ago) Reply

Pandorum is the first sci-fi movie I've seen in a while that didn't suck my brains out with a bendy-straw, so I'd love to see more of that world.


toro (12 years ago) Reply

Well ... nope. Too much shaky camera.
I know there was meat to be found in this movie, but they totally blow it towards the end of the movie. And a prequel ... 2xnope. :)


zenseeker (12 years ago) Reply

A totally realistic target, should get there in no time.

That's sarcasm btw.


bobo (12 years ago) Reply

Just watched it on Netflix. Amazing. Why didn't I hear about it when it was in theaters?

A FB page won't do much to get a trilogy made. Buying the dvd/blu-ray would.


Dan (11 years ago) Reply

Loved Pandorum! I remember the trailers, and I thought this was a straight horror flick, but of course it was so much more. They completely screwed up the marketing, which is really a shame. I think with better marketing it could have reached a much wider audience.


ankur (11 years ago) Reply

i would love to watch the sequel of the movie


chris (11 years ago) Reply

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome....


jon (11 years ago) Reply

It was an amazing movie...I watched it last year and i still watch it once in a while if im bored.
Still cant get over about the fact that this is the ebst sci-fi horror movie ive watched.
I wished they had a better marketing team.

Trilogy, yes? :)


ish (10 years ago) Reply

i love this movie i have seen it at lest 4 times in the past 2 months how do i help?


Lind (10 years ago) Reply

I loved pandorum so much!
It was simply amazing.I watched it last year and I watch it over again when Im bored.
Best SCI-FI movie I ever seen.
Trilogy please!


Zektor (6 years ago) Reply

Amazing movie. I want to see the sequel!

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