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quietearth [Film Festival 08.25.10] movie news

Wow, that's a lot of flicks. Everything from Peter Mullan's Neds to Benedek Fliegauf's Womb (that's right, it's a trailer!) to more Greek weirdness in Athena Tsangari's Attenberg. I wish I was going.

It's late so I'm not writing much of a post here.. Maybe I'll update tomorrow.

Full list after the break via Variety.


(World preems)

* "Home for Christmas," Bent Hamer (Norway/Germany/Sweden)
* "Behind Blue Skies," Hannes Holm (Sweden)
* "Even The Rain," Iciar Bollain (Spain/France/Mexico)
* "The First Grader," Justin Chadwick (I.K.)
* "Neds," Peter Mullan (U.K./France/Italy)
* "White Irish Drinkers," John Gray (U.S.)
* "22nd of May," Koen Mortier (Belgium)
* "African United," Deb Gardner-Paterson (U.K.)
* "Blessed Events," Isabelle Stever (Germany)
* "The Edge," Alexey Uchitel (Russia)
* "Jucy," Louise Alston (Australia)
* "Lapland Odyssey," Dome Karukoski (Finland)
* "Late Autumn," Kim Teo-Yong (South Korea)
* "Matariki" Michael Bennet (New Zealand)
* "Tracker" Ian Sharp (U.K./New Zealand)

(CWC international preems)

* "All About Love," Ann Hui (Hong Kong/China)
* "Anything You Want," Achero Manas (Spain)
* "Bad Faith," Kritian Petri (Sweden)
* "Break Up Club," Barbara Wong (Hong Kong)
* "I Am Slave" Gabriel Range (U.K.(
* "Mamma Gogo," Fridrik Thor Fridriksson (Iceland)
* "The Matchmaker" Avi Nesher (Israel)
* "Sensation" Tom Hall (Ireland)
* "State of Violence," Khalo Matabane (South Africa/France)

(CWC North American preems)

* "Meek's Cutoff," Kelly Reichardt (U.S.)
* "Three," Tom Tykwer (Germany)
* "Aftershock," Feng Xiaogang (China)
* "Black Ocean," Marion Hansel (Belgium/France/Germany)
* "Carancho," Pablo Trapero (Argentina/South Korea/France/Chile)
* "Chico & Rita," Fernando Truebo (Spain/U.K.)
* "Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame," Tsui Hark (China)
* "The Fourth Portrait," Chung Mong-Hong (Taiwan)
* "How I Ended This Summer," Alexei Popogrebsky (Russia)
* "The Human Resources Manager," Eran Riklis (Israel/Germany/France/Romania)
* "The Hunter," Rafi Pitts (Iran)
* "Leap Year," Michael Rowe (Mexico)
* "Life, Above All," Oliver Schmitz (South Africa/Germany)
* "The Light Thief," Aktan Arym Kubat (Kyrgyzstan/Germany/France/Netherlands)
* "My Joy," Sergei Loznitsa (Germany/Ukraine/Netherlands)
* "Of Gods and Men," Xavier Beauvois (France)
* "Oki's Movie," Hong Sangsoo (South Korea)
* "Outbound," Bogdan George Apetri (Romania)
* "The Solitude of Prime Numbers," Saverio Constanzo (Italy)
* "Tender Son-The Frankenstein Project," Kornel Mundruczo (Hungary/Germany/Austria)
* "Silent Souls" Aleksei Fedorchenko (Russia)
* "Womb," Benedek Fliegauf (Germany/Hungary/France)


(World preems)

* "Ceremony," Max Winkler (U.S.)
* "Viva Riva!," Djo Tunda Wa Munga (Democratic Republic of Congo/France/Belgium/South Africa)
* "As If I Am Not There," Juanita Wilson (Ireland/Macedonia/Sweden)
* "Autumn," Aamir Bashir (India)
* "Beautiful Boy," Shawn Ku (U.S.)
* "The Call," Stefano Pasetto (Italy/Argentina)
* "Dirty Girl," Abe Sylvia (U.S.)
* "Girlfriend," Justin Lerner(U.S.)
* "Griff the Invisible," Leon Ford (Australia)
* "Half of Oscar," Manuel Martin Cuenca (Spain/Cuba)
* "Look, Stranger," Arielle Javitch (U.S.)
* "Marimbas From Hell," Julio Hernandez Cordon (Guatamala/France/Mexico)
* "The Piano in a Factory," Zhang Meng (China)
* "Soul of Sand," Sidharth Srinivasan (India)
* "Zephyr," Belma Bas (Turkey)

(Discovery international and North American preems)

* "Norberto's Deadline," Daniel Hendler (Uruguay/Argentina)
* "ATTENBERG," Athina Rachel Tsangiri (Greece)
* "Blame," Michael Henry (Australia)
* "Inside America," Barbara Eder (Austria)
* "Mandoo," Ebrahim Saeedi (Iraq)
* "October," Diego and Daniel Vega (Peru/Venezuela/Spain)
* "Pinoy Sunday," Wi Ding Ho (Taiwan)
* "The Place In Between," Sarah Bouyain (France/Burkino Faso)
* "Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale," Jalmari Helander (Finland/Norway/Frasnce/Sweden)
* "Sandcastle," Boo Junfeng (Singapore)
* "Wasted On The Young," Ben C. Lucas (Australia)
* "What I Most Want," Delfina Castagnino (Argentina)


(World preems)

* "Our Day Will Come," Romain Gavras
* "A Horrible Way To Die," Adam Wingard (U.S.)
* "Microphone," Ahmad Abdall (Egypt)

(International and North American preems)

* "Monsters," Gareth Edwards (U.K.)
* "Kaboom," Gregg Araki (U.S./France)
* "L.A. Zombie" Bruce LaBruce (Germany/U.S./France)
* "At Ellen's Age," Pia Marais (Germany)
* "The Christening," Marcin Wrona (Poland)
* "Cold Fish," Sion Sono (Japan)
* "Confessions," Tetsuya Nakashima (Japan)
* "Easy Money," Daniel Espinosa (Sweden)


* "Brownian Movement," Nanouk Leopold (Netherlands/Germany/Belgium)
* "Promises Written in Water," Vincent Gallo (U.S.)
* "Moscow 11:19:31," (Michael Nyman U.K.)
* "Over Your Cities Your Grass Will Grow," Sophie Fiennes (U.K./France/Netherlands)
* "The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu," Andrei Ujica (Romania)
* "The Ditch," Wang Bing (France/Belgium)
* "The Four Times," Michelangelo Frammartino (Italy/Germany/Switzerland)
* "k.364 A Journey By Train," Douglas Gordon (U.K.)
* "Summer of Goliath," Nicolas Pereda (Mexico/Netherlands/Canada)
* "A Useful Life," Federico Veiroj (Uruguay)

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