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When we last reported on Tomaselli, he was finally set to shoot something after who knows how many issues with The Ocean (which apparently got shelved), and that something was Torture Chamber. I said this in the piece in the link you can click above, this guy has great old school horror flare and if you haven't seen Desecration I'd highly recommend it. TC is currently in post and I can't wait to see footage!

Torture Chamber is about a 13-year-old boy possessed by unspeakable evil. It's probably the first serious independent horror film in a long time that's in the vein of The Exorcist. The demon is called Baalberith, which, if you believe in demonology, tempts its host to blasphemy and murder," he told the site. "Jimmy Morgan is a pyromaniac, horribly disfigured from experimentation with drugs. This Catholic boy's family is crawling with religious fanatics. His mother believes he was sent from the Devil to set the world on fire. His older brother is a priest who tries to exorcise him. When Jimmy murders his own father, he burns him to death. Because of this, the troubled boy is sent to an Institution for disturbed youths. While there, Jimmy has a Charles Manson-like hold on the other kids from the burn unit. Together, they escape and Jimmy finds an old abandoned castle for shelter. That's where the burned kids find a secret passage way that leads to a medieval, cobwebbed torture chamber.

Stills after the break. via BD

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uncleB (11 years ago) Reply

this one really looks wicked. something about possessed kids vs. adults thats creepy as hell. Will check this one out.

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