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Jezizup [Celluloid 08.19.10] movie trailer news documentary

Check out the trailer that dropped today for the upcoming Wu-Tang documentary, Wu-Tang Revealed, directed by the GZA. There have been other documentaries, but it’s clear that they are all devastatingly sub-par based on this trailer alone. (Be sure to watch until the very end for an old ODB clip.) Never before have we been able to see such an intimate portrait of one of the greatest musical groups of all time. Of course there is going to be plenty of drama – several of the group’s members are notoriously fiery. Hot tempered U-God can be seen bickering with Raekwon in the trailer as Inspectah Deck eats pancakes in the background. It’s already a classic based on that clip alone! It looks like the documentary will also feature in-depth interviews with the RZA, Method Man, and hopefully the other members. The GZA has access to the Wu like no one has before, as he is a core member of the group. He’s also very insightful, so I’m hoping for a very real look at the group’s dynamics – and of course, the tie that binds them all together: genius hip hop music. There’s no release date as of yet, but I’m salivating here so let’s hope it’s soon!

Trailer after the break. via the illest hip hop site on the net hiphopandbs

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply


shame most of the footage looks a bit amateur. the shots, sound, lighting. to me it seems like they wanna do it all themselves when they maybe shud just get a lil professional help...

still, color me interested.

necessarily douchic

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