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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.16.10] movie trailer news drama

I’m an Ed Burns fan. Be it Burns in actor mode or Burns in director mode. Turns out his newest project includes a little bit of both and lucky for us, it looks like a good little romance.

Matt Bush stars at Johnny, the titular character in Burns’ Nice Guy Johnny. He’s a young man on the verge of giving up his dream job for one that pays better, all in the hopes of pleasing his fiancé (that right there is a sign that that marriage won’t last). Unhappy by his nephew’s decision, Uncle Terry takes Johnny in what he hopes is an eye opening weekend in the Hamptons and when Johnny meets Brooke, he starts to question his upcoming life altering decisions, something which I assume makes Uncle Terry a pretty happy guy.

The trailer doesn’t say much about the plot, all we see is a guy and a girl who appear quite comfortable with each other, partaking in a series of activities. I’m not familiar with either of the actors but do love the look of this trailer.

Trailer after the break.

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