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quietearth [Celluloid 08.13.10] movie news

#1 Rian Johnson's Looper is set to shoot in January! The number one and most important piece of news: Rian Johnson, the man behind one of the best films of all time (Brick) is set to start shooting his scifi flick Looper in January. It's a very dark, very violent film which is set 30 years in the future in a dystopian society which has gone to hell and involves time travel. Bring it on! Per a tweet from production weekly.

#2 Barry Levinson, the dude behind the likes of Rainman and Sleepers, is set to start shooting an indie scifi thriller called Isopod next month but nothing is known. I'm wondering what kind of script he's got that he's doing an indie. This could be something profound and yet another massive indicator that scifi is back in a major way.

#3 Paramount options coffee table book Last Man Standing?! Is that a first? Admittedly it's based on a graphic novel which sounds quite awesome and it's set in a time-transcending and parallel universe that is inhabited by a roster of colorful and deadly characters. Check out the official site here and a lengthy post over at /Film for muchas details.

#4 Chris Gorak's (Right at Your Door) alien invasion flick The Darkest Hour has suspended shooting due to Moscow fires. In case you missed this one, Timur Bekmambetov is producing and it's touted as "28 Days-like thriller about a group of kids struggling to survive in Russia after an alien invasion". via The Hollywood Reporter

#5 The poster for The Tempest is the illest poster I've seen in quite a while. It takes the classic Shakespeare story and switches the gender role of Prospero to Prospera, and, well.. The poster sold me. (But the trailer can unsell me)

#6 A Pusher remake? Ugh, I couldn't even watch the original. Variety says Vertigo will be producing the remake, but it looks like it's already shot.

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