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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 08.12.10] France movie trailer news thriller

Men go at each other with guns. Women tend to take the more subtle but equally damaging approach of defaming each other’s character which, on occasion, then turns to violence.

That’s the case in Alain Corneau’s thriller Love Crime (Crime d'Amour). Ludivine Sagnier stars as Isabelle, a young up-and-comer working at a multinational corporation except she can’t seem to get ahead because her boss Christine, played by the fantastic Kristin Scott-Thomas, steals the young woman’s ideas and uses them to her own advantage. After one too many abuses, Isabelle gets angry and plans to take her revenge. Ah, sweet revenge.

This thriller looks solid and Scott-Thomas looks comfortable in the role of power hungry woman who will do whatever necessary to move up in the world. Honestly, what role doesn’t she do well?

Trailer, via RoS, after the break.

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