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quietearth [Celluloid 08.05.10] movie trailer news action thriller

First we had the full animted prequel to this feature length film (which seems to have disappeared, anyone know where to find a copy?) and there's an excellent trailer for

In this twisted modern day fairy tale ZOE, a young teenage girl, is lured into an after hours carnival tent by the sleazy rock n roll carnie RIMO, she then gets more then she bargained for. It is up to the mysterious PRINCESS, the star of the new knife show at ROSCOE'S FREAK SHOW & CARNIVAL to pull her out of the wolf's den that she has fallen into.

Trailer for both the feature and animated prequel after the break. via the excellent pulpnmovies.

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S (11 years ago) Reply

after a quick google ->


loempiavreter (11 years ago) Reply

Direct link to the anim


link (11 years ago) Reply

forgot the link

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