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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 08.04.10] Tuvalu zombies news vampires

Yes, more zombies on tv! Word via DeadlineNY is that NBC has picked up a spec script for a show called Zombies Vs. Vampires by Jake in Progress creator/executive producer Austin Winsberg which is being produced by Warner Bros. TV and McG's studio-based Wonderland. While I could care less about McG after the horrendous T5, I'm digging the zombies on tv. It's being called a "fun buddy cop procedural" and here's the breakdown:

It is set in a world where zombies are a part of society, controllable with medication. The show's two leads (one secretly a vampire) are cops assigned to a squad specifically formed to deal with "zombie crime."

More as it comes!

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donc48 (11 years ago) Reply

Smacks of Alien Nation can anybody in network TV do anything original?


Anglebender (11 years ago) Reply

Everything looked good until "McG"...


Rustyfourbears (11 years ago) Reply

McG's company also makes Human Target, Supernatural and Chuck... to be honest...not a but run of TV shows

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