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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.03.10] Greece movie trailer news drama

I’m not quite sure what they’re putting in the water in Greece but there’s definitely something going on. The country has never really been at the forefront of filmmaking but over the last year, there have been an assortment of excellent titles coming out of the Balkan Peninsula.

First there’s Vardis Marinakis’ Black Field (check out our preview and interview with Marinakis) Giorgos Lanthimos’ Dogtooth (review) and yesterday we got word of Athina Rachel Tsangari's Attenberg. Today we have Yiannis Economidis’s Mahairovgaltis.

It’s the story of Nick, a man who lives in the country; a man who lives for the here and now. When his father dies, he’s urged to leave small town life behind and head to Athens where his uncle offers him food, board and an easy job but Nick's life takes a sharp turn once he arrives in the metropolis.

It’s hard to say what happens when Nick arrives in Athens but from the tone of this trailer (the music is especially damning), whatever it is isn’t good. There’s a Béla Tarr vibe coming off of this trailer along with hints of Adán Aliaga and to a lesser extent, Matthias Glasner. I only hope it’s not as difficult to watch at Glasner’s films.

Trailer after the break.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

That is one awesome jam. Let your freak flag fly high Greece!


knifer (11 years ago) Reply

check the site

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