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quietearth [Film Festival 07.29.10] movie news

The TAD lineup has been announced a day late after some bizarre website glitches, and was it worth it? Well considering the lineup, I'd say so:

Rubber the killer tire.
Cargo the fantastic Swedish sci-fi film we here at QE love.
Centurion do I even need to tell you who this one is by?
Black Death ayup.

Full list after the break!

We open the festival on a hugely crowd-pleasing note with the International Premiere of the hilarious new monster comedy, THE LAST LOVECRAFT (Fri, Aug 13, 7pm), a story about a group of social misfits battling an assortment of sea monsters trying to take over the earth!

This year’s ever-popular Zombie Appreciation Night where those dressed as the undead get a special deal on ticket prices, features a double helping of fun zombie carnage: DOGHOUSE (Sat, Aug 14, 7pm), the riotous zombie comedy that took Britain by storm last year is followed by the deranged zombie action flick EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES (Sat, Aug 14, 9.45pm) which features none other than Billy Zane as an immortal Greek zombie killer!

Fans of outrageous Japanese genre cinema will also be delighted with a double dose of cinematic mayhem this year, in the form of the splatterific sci-fi horror action mashup ROBOGEISHA (Sun, Aug 15, 7pm) and the equally mad and bloody fight sequences that make up much of ALIEN VS NINJA (Mon, Aug 16, 9.45pm) a film that completely delivers on its title!

Those looking for a good fright should check out the hotly anticipated Eli Roth produced new scarefest, THE LAST EXORCISM (Mon, Aug 16, 7pm), as well as the welcome return of our favourite posse of Thai horror filmmakers with five new tales of of fear set to make fans jump out of their seats in PHOBIA 2 (Tue, Aug 17, 7pm)! The creepy new sci-fi thriller CARGO (Sun, Aug 15, 4.15pm) also brings its share of chills, but this time the outbreak of fear takes place on a deep space voyage.

This year Toronto After Dark showcases three new flicks from some of Britain’s most talented genre filmmakers: whether it’s Neil Marshall’s brutal Roman action piece CENTURION (Wed, Aug 18, 7pm), Philip Ridley’s demonic thriller HEARTLESS (Wed, Aug 18, 9.45pm) or Christopher Smith’s medieval witchcraft tale BLACK DEATH (Thu, Aug 19, 7pm), there’s something to delight any fan who likes their Brit flicks on the dark side.

We feel I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (Thu, Aug 19, 9.45pm), Anchor Bay’s hugely anticipated and incredibly graphic remake of the already notoriously violent cult classic of the same name, deserves a category unto itself. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

A fantastic eclectic cast (Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, Noah Segan, Mink Stole, Peaches Christ, Elvira) chew all kinds of scenery in the velvet curtain movie theatre set cult horror flick ALL ABOUT EVIL (Tues, Aug 17, 9.45pm) that will seem be perfect viewing fare at our very own cult venue, the Bloor Cinema! While a stoner comedy may not seem like the most obvious fit for Toronto After Dark, when you see Adrien Brody’s crazed performance as drug dealer Psycho Ed, amongst too many WTF moments to mention in the Sundance hit HIGH SCHOOL (Sun, Aug 15, 9.45pm), you’ll see why we programmed this offbeat piece of cinematic madness!

Toronto After Dark celebrates the end of its 5th Year on a wonderfully bizzarre note: to start with we treat fans with RUBBER (Fri, Aug 20, 7pm), the tale of a Killer Tire with feelings which was perhaps the most talked about horror film at the Cannes Film Festival this year! Then things get even freakier, with our Closing Gala, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (Fri, Aug 20, 9.45pm) a twisted tale of one scientist’s quest to perfect a disgusting surgical procedure. The film has grossed out fans at festival screenings across the globe, ignited a frenzy on discussion boards and youtube (two milllion views of the trailer and counting), but no-one has dared to screen the film in Toronto… until now!

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Hugo Weaving (11 years ago) Reply

Cargo is swiss not swedish


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

yup mr weaving is right. how did u get that wrong? oO

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