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quietearth [Celluloid 07.29.10] movie news scifi horror

That's right, I'm not a fan of Del Toro and certainly not of Cameron, so even if you took one of them off this project (Del Toro is directing, Cameron producing) I'd still be pissed. I ran through Lovecraft's works at a ferocious pace when I was younger, and this book was hands down my favorite. Now, they're going to do it with big Hollywood money and of all things, in 3-D. Yes, you heard it right, a masterpiece is going to get the Hollywood butcher treatment. They need to give this to someone proper. I vote for Enki Bilal, he could do that dusty old civilisation justice.

What's it about? Simply pit, an expedition to Antarctica discovers a lost civilisation. If you want to know more, read it. I'd highly recommend it.


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Azeari (11 years ago) Reply

Have you had a chance to look at the old version of the screenplay that he wrote with Matthew Robbins? The reviews that I've seen online appear to be favourable.

Also, some related news (albeit 2 years old):

I know that the script sticks to the 1930's setting of Lovecraft's story, but I find that pretty cool nevertheless.


jeffery brombs (11 years ago) Reply

if you're that upset about a film adaption of a novel you like you could, um, not watch that film


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Rather Del Toro than some other hack Hollywood director. Saying that, if it wasn’t him I doubt this would ever be made at all. They are going to have a hell of a time marketing this to the quick fix, in your face, facebook generation. On the plus side he is a self confessed Lovecraft-o-phile and I doubt he'd want to denigrate the masters work. Not so sure about Cameron being attached though.


Lord_Fakenham (11 years ago) Reply

chck out the facebook-page i made for atmom ;)


honest joe (11 years ago) Reply

I'd love to see the Quiet Earth boys actually get off backsides and make films. easy to just carp on about other peoples efforts


agentorange (11 years ago) Reply

Think Guillermo DT will actually ever make another movie? We hear a lot about what he's GOING to make, but he never seems to get around to filming anything.

That said, this seems like an interesting tag-team.

PS. Captcha = "milked tsars"


uncleB (11 years ago) Reply

How could you be pissed about del toro being involved in this? Hell, I've been waiting for someone to make this film since I read the story some 30 yrs ago. Not a fan of hellboy but have enjoyed del toro's other films. If you noticed in hellboy 2 their were even a couple OLD ONE'S in the underworld market scene.


Israelidude (11 years ago) Reply

Your'e just ranting. there was absolutely no point in this post other than you blowing steam.
If you hate Del-toro or Cameron, elaborate.
If you hate their work - Do the same.
If you want people to read a book - tell us why we should rather than just "you should".
you're supposed to be an experienced blog writer...Don't write like a Troll.


HydraEclipse (11 years ago) Reply

I find it hilarious that you mention Enki Bilal, as the few films he's been involved with have been staggeringly awful. You want a good director not artist, and even if you don't like some of Del Toro's aesthetics, he is certainly the only person I could imagine adapting Lovecraft. I don't see Cameron as producer being an issue, as he's obviously just there to give them his 3D cameras.


John (11 years ago) Reply

Without any pun intended, I would like to join in with a mutual feeling that this post is a rant.
No problem with that, but with a slander, about something not being even scripted, made or published yet to make comments.
Sure you can be biased and rely on previous work, that in your opinion sucks, however, it comes out unprofessional to express those feelings on a site of this quality and with this many visitors.
There were a lot worse movies made, not in the making or in the directors mind - that did get praise here, and a small number of people commented.
However IMO you should tweet or blog about it personally, not use this site, unless you review something, to criticize it.
Not to repeat, but to underline, that with connections you people have, and ideas how to make something better, you are all free to find sponsors and make a miracle, and an enjoyable movie, we will criticize.

With that,I hope you will restrain yourself from outbursts of this kind, due to site rep; meaning nothing personal.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Israelidude said: "you're supposed to be an experienced blog writer..."

That's whay blogs are great, man. No rules.


virginia (11 years ago) Reply

i love that book, can't wait to see the film, and just then i'll see if it's as good as the book, and i wouldn't let any bad comments or opinions stop me from watching it.


Cletus (11 years ago) Reply

Enki Bilal as director!?! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...HA! As influential as he is based on his writings, he can't direct. Del Toro will recreate the vision and a storyline people can follow. I guess I agree with you about Cameron, but if he's just putting up cash, who cares. As far as Hollywood and 3-D goes, boo-hoo, I don't see any independents lining up to do it (after all there's nothing better than Lovecraft on a limited budget).


witchman (11 years ago) Reply

Yeah, not the best post guys. I can understand ANYONE getting the hump with Lovecraft adaptations (they are almost impossible to pull off and get seriously lost in translation). I do fear that Cameron getting involved could bring a whole "Aliens" approach to what Del Toro has on paper. Producers have far more say than anyone outside of the business really knows.

Oh.....Bilal? I cant believe you even mentioned that guy as a director.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

IF this even gets made it would interest me to see Lovecraft done with 100M +. After scores of straight to video subpar films utilizing his name or influenced by his work, it would be refreshing to see it executed another way. Not to mention if it does well at the boxoffice ... it could open all his works to possible high-end film production by other "A" list filmmakers, maybe some of which you would appreciate being involved. Without a trailer it's hard to speak of excitement, but I'm definitely interested at this point.


returned ex-reader turned ex-reader (11 years ago) Reply

oh hey i remember why i stopped reading this site now

"wah wah i hate stuff unless it is a shit independent film by a spanish person"


dd (11 years ago) Reply

Director ewe boll. Producer Disney. Dakota fanning topless. Don't forget. The crazy tweaked squirrel.


Fox (11 years ago) Reply

Hating Cameron and Del Toro?!

Hey, I´ve got a fantastic idea.

Why don´t you just direct, produce, act, cinematograph and write this yourself? And after you´ve finished it, just let us all see your brillant masterpiece of a movie.
And after that, I´m very sure, you will never rant again:-)

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