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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.22.10] movie news comic adaptation

Super hero comic books have never been my favourites but once in a while one comes along that catches my interest. Such a one was Alan Moore’s “Top 10” which, like television’s “Eureka,” is set in a place where everyone’s a superhero. What I’m surprised at is that in my wanderings through comic land (they’re few and far between I admit), no one ever bothered to even mention Kurt Busiek's “Astro City.”

The long running series takes place in the titular Astro City which is itself situated in the United States of an alternate reality, a place where superheroes (and their counterparts) have been in the limelight since WWI with stories that range from the implications and difficulties of superheroes dating to a super-villain adjusting to life after prison; stories which are told from both the heroes and villains perspectives along as that of the humans who are caught in the middle of the drama.

It’s a great sounding concept that will see life on the big screen in the near future as the folks at Working Title have optioned the property, giving Busiek first crack at the script. Must admit that I'm a bit surprised this has been optioned at all considering the films in the same vein that have come before it (Watchmen (review), Hancock and to an extent Kick-Ass (review)) have done well but haven’t been the runaway success that some of the more traditional superhero films have been but I guess if you can start with a built in fanbase, it's better than starting from scratch.

I assume that as the project is developed, fans will start to come out of the woodwork with their thoughts on the adaptation. We’ll see if the studio manages to appease them while bringing in a whole new audience because that’s the trick isn’t it?

Via Deadline.

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