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There was quite a bit of speculation around the web this week about the films that would be making a debut at the Venice Film Festival. Why? Because we’re still waiting for a great selection of films from reputable directors that simply weren’t ready in time for Cannes. One of those reputable directors is Darren Aronofsky whose Black Swan was a hot topic of discussion as a possible selection (I’m sure the speculated sex scene between the two leads has nothing to do with the jabber).

It has now confirmed that the film will, in fact, open the 67th Annual Venice Film Festival on September 1st but beyond that, we also have our first look at the much anticipated production which stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis as rival dancers. No, not those type of dancers silly, ballet dancers. The film also stars Winona Ryder, Sebastian Stan, Barbara Hershey and the great Vincent Cassel.

Wait. What? Aronofsky doing a film about ballet? Yup. Though it’s not so much about the dancing as it is set in the dance world (it’s being dubbed a ballet thriller) and centers on the relationship between Portman who plays Nina, a veteran ballerina and Kunis (Lilly), another dancer who may, or may not, be real. This is Aronofsky we’re talking about. You didn’t really expect it to be straight forward did you?

Trailer is still to come but for now, some great looking stills have appeared online. I was already pretty excited at the prospect of new material from Aronofsky and these stills only add to the excitement. Hopefully some video will follow in the coming weeks.

Images via USA Today.

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