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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.21.10] movie trailer news scifi

That's right, it's time for an early morning dose of awesome low-budget scifi adventure. Clone Hunter is the new one from Pandora Machine films who did Millennium Crisis. They believe in doing things Corman style and I'm loving the looks of it. It's even available for DVD pre-order if you're so inclined.

What happens if the artificial intelligence that enables the wealthy and powerful to live in limitless luxury wants to share in it? Cane and his junior partner, Angela, are hired by Gulliver, a brutal Oligarch, to track down a murderous clone that threatens the stability of Gulliver’s private planet. The more Cane and Angela delve into the case the more corruption and rot they discover, until they come face to face with their own darkest secrets and must decide which side they are on.

Check out the full length trailer for Clone Hunter after the break. We also have a teaser for you here.

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Big Bells (11 years ago) Reply

It's in the blood, waiting on the T-shirt.


Stevenson (11 years ago) Reply

I hate clowns!

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