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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.07.10] post apocalyptic movie news

It's good to see continued momvement on this great looking, fun sounding post-apocalyptic pot-boiler. We brought you the promo reel a while back and now we have some concept art that shows off the colour pallet of the proposed film. With any luck we'll reporting that cameras are rolling soon.

Set in post-apocalyptic New York City, "The Last City" is a noir CGI thriller that follows detective Michael Blake, who sets out to avenge the brutal murder of his brother Gabe and save hispregnant widow (May) from the clutches of New York City's overlord, Max White. As Blake strikes down White's henchmen one by one, street battle after car chase, his vengeance begins to takeon a new meaning. He realizes he is leading the hope of his brother's underground society to a new salvation by challenging White's grip over the city.

Blake, in all his fury, brings a full assault to White's doorstep by rousing the spirits of the underground survivors and arming them to challenge White's authority. By the time Michael reaches White, the fight brings him to the edge of hell on earth where the victor determines the fate of the human race.

Concept art after the break.

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Emma Newman (12 years ago) Reply

Ooooh, I like those a lot. Especially 1, 2 and 7. Thanks for posting these :o)


Kresh (12 years ago) Reply

Awesome images... but I'm getting a bit tired of the "ALL TEH WATERZ IS GONE" meme that seems to populate the post-civilization genre. I realize that it makes the scenery more bleak, but it's overused and ridiculous.

Fallout handled it brilliantly; the water is still there, it's just poisonous. That's far more horrifying than seeing canyons where oceans, lakes, and rives used to be.

Thirst is maddening when you can't drink the water, even more when you're souurounded bu it.


Finriz (12 years ago) Reply

I agree with you completely Kresh. Still though, I do love me some PA fiction.


Kevin (12 years ago) Reply

I think I liked this idea better when it was called Urinetown the Musical.


Raymond St. Paul (11 years ago) Reply

Great images but you need to let us and others know what is going on since I found this on site quite by accident! The Last City could be good as long as it's kept real, but not too depressing and boring as 'The Road' was I didn't even finish watching it to the end!

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