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quietearth [Celluloid 06.17.10] Belgium movie news drama gallery

While I've known about this for some time, I was waiting for it to go into production so I could show you something and now, we have some stunning stills. Stunning why? Because it's being shot by one of my favorite DP's, Nicolas Karakatsanis who shot Lost Persons Area, Left Bank, and Small Gods among others. If you haven't noticed, Belgium is on a heavy genre upswing and there's some great film coming out of that little country, with a a lot more planned and a lot of talent waiting in the wings for the chance. But more on that later.

Set in the underworld of the Belgian agricultural hormone mafia, an illegal fatstocker and a police informer face each other in a crime investigation. But then a dark and unsettling story about loyalty and friendship unfolds through their tormented past as childhood friends.

Stills after the break.

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ugh_doom (11 years ago) Reply

Gorgeous stills! I'm greatly anticipating this. Left Bank is one of my favorite underrated horror films.


stephen (11 years ago) Reply

saw it yesterday - very strong and dark psychological crime-drama. I recommend it!

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