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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.31.10] South Africa movie trailer news thriller

I gotta say, I’m loving the trajectory of Rutger Hauer’s career over the last few years. The aging action star is popping up in all sorts of great films and this could well be another.

South African actor Sharlto Copley (now semi-recognized for his performance in last year’s District 9 (review)) didn’t always want to be a movie star; he actually started his career as a producer with aspirations of directing and here’s his first effort. Spoon stars Hauer as Victor Spoon and Darren Boyd (familiar to me from his appearances in the great Canadian show “ReGenesis” though others may recognize him from his regular appearances on a number of British shows) as Daniel Spoon, a man with a medical condition which causes him to black when under extreme stress. When he sets off to figure out what's happening to him, he makes a "remarkable discovery about himself."

The film, which appears to have been in production for some time, is now finished and Copley and co-writer and co-director Simon Hansen are starting to share a few details on the film including this mysterious trailer which doesn’t say much of anything. Still, it sounds promising.

It’s not an epidemic yet but I’m excited to see more films coming out of South Africa.

Trailer after the break.

Via Twitch.

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