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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.28.10] movie trailer apocalyptic news scifi thriller

Vanguard is an ambitious new alien invasion project currently in development from newcomer Eric Wadsworth. Its concept is pretty great actually. It's about a regular dude who discovers he's actually a sleeper agent for an advanced race that's on their way to wipe out the world. It also appears that there's superhuman powers and flying involved. Cue some epic scifi destruction and we're in business.

Wade is a quiet loner who seemingly leads an unremarkable life. But come night he’s haunted by strange nightmares that have begun crossing over into his waking hours. His fragile world explodes when a strange woman visits him. His memories and identity a sham, he rediscovers his true origin as a sleeper agent for an advance invasion force, the Vanguard.

Not a man but a machine, he must choose between becoming the man that the woman he loves believes him to be or to fulfill his destiny as an agent of mass destruction.

Some of you will probably complain that the "cgi is crappy," but remember this is a proof of concept made on the cheap to help sell the film's concept and possible vision. Much of photography is actually pretty great.

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Diggler (12 years ago) Reply

Reminded me of the game Prototype. Looks like it could be good with some funding.


Keggie (12 years ago) Reply

It has alot of different scifi/PA elements working together in there. I like it.
Who's the music by?


Rook (12 years ago) Reply

Heh, Diggler! I was thinking the same thing! This could be interesting...and for the record, so would a Prototype movie. :-)

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