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quietearth [Celluloid 05.28.10] Spain movie trailer news drama romance

I've been keeping an eye on this one for a while after having premiered at the San Sebastian fest and playing at Sundance because something about the story of a man with down syndrome going after a normal girl just got me. A Spanish film by first-time feature length co-director/writers Antonio Naharro and Álvaro Pastor, Me Too was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize in World Cinema (Drama) at Sundance and won best actor and actress along with being nominated for the Golden Seashell at San Sebastian. I can't verify this right now, but I think this is based on a true person with down who graduated from college.

Thirty-four-year-old Daniel is the first European with Down syndrome to have graduated from university. He starts a social services job in Seville, where he meets free-spirited co-worker Laura. They become fast friends, drawing the attention of both their coworkers and families. Their unique relationship becomes problematic when Daniel falls in love with her. But these rebellious souls refuse to bend to the rules and they find friendship and love as they have never known.

Trailer after the break.

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Pierre (12 years ago) Reply

Aww this looks rather lovely.


Bandini (12 years ago) Reply

That looks really moving. I had actually dismissed the film, when hearing about it, not quite sure why. I realise now its an important piece of cinema, and will be a powerfui watch, I hope.

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