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quietearth [Celluloid 05.21.10] France movie news drama

I wrote in our first post about this flick that it sounded like a cross between Gus Van Sant and a horror/thriller. Only problem is, it has music by Sonic Youth which I could care less about.. how bout some hip hop folks? Hip hop ain't dead!

March 1992, in a small town in the suburbs of Paris. During an alcohol fuelled party, teenagers discover a body hidden in the bushes of a forest. A body that seems lifeless.

Two weeks earlier.

Simon, a 16 year-old teenager, has not shown up for class. Blood stains are found in a class-room. Run-away, kidnap, suicide, murder? A few days later, Laetitia, a student from the same class goes missing without her parents knowing where she has gone. A young girl with no dark background or connection to Simon. The next day, Jean-Baptiste, a third student, also disappears. Rumors start to spread. The psychosis begins...

Clip after the break.

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Gee (10 years ago) Reply

what's wrong with Sonic Youth?

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