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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.12.10] Spain movie news thriller drama gallery

Celebrated DP Xavi Giménez (The Machinist, Transsiberian) makes his directorial debut with Yellow, an unflinching look at how our society is a little too willing to sweep the troubled youth element under the rug and how there is always someone out there ready to make a buck off worried parents and teachers. This is another in a long list of great looking films coming out from Spain's premier genre producer Filmax, the same folks behind [Rec].

In his own words, Giménez says: "Problematic teenagers, desperate parents and frustrated teachers are the perfect marketplace for soul merchants to peddle their newly invented solutions; a promise of stability, growth and peace. These “education” centres present themselves to worried parents as a means of salvation for their little savages; wiping the slate clean on which to write new rules of appropriate social conduct. Parents, who simply don’t understand their adolescent children, take radical decisions about the mental health of their offspring without considering the consequences.

Some parents can even decide to hand over the soul of their child in exchange for the promise of never being bothered by him again. In this re-education centre, the young mind of our protagonist will be subjected to extreme treatments to realign his personality towards new forms of behaviour.

On the outside, the biological parent receives a parallel treatment aimed at relieving his tortured conscience. But the so-called treatment is based on a hyper realistic fear, a sensation of constant angst on every emotional level that does not leave a single character unaffected by the end of the film…

Pretty interesting stuff. The film's synopsis and a gallery of stunning images are included after the break.

Luis is the single father of sixteen year old Fran. Father and son are both going through a rough patch. In a desperate attempt to salvage their relationship Luis has taken a dramatic decision: to enroll his son in an “education” center.

Although Luis believes he is doing the right thing, the truth is he doesn’t know everything he should about the school’s methodology. Outraged by his father’s betrayal, Fran will do his best to show everyone at the school that he is not about to give in. But the school’s specialty is precisely to fight that kind of behavior.

Outside, Luis can’t help but wondering if he’s done the right thing; inside, Fran is going through a Guantanamo-like experience. Father and son have never been further apart.

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