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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.10.10] France trailer news comedy

You know that joke? The one where the guy finds a genie and gets his three wishes except he’s not really clear and concise and the genie grants the wishes but they’re not quite right? That’s kind of the story behind Cédric Hachard’s Day of the Comet (Le Jour de la Comète) except rather than three wishes, there are three folks each one asking one wish and a comet to grant it – sort of.

Imaginary friends come to life, girls in search of “true love,” geeks who want to be cool… it’s a plethora of 80s clichés which are apt considering the story takes place in 1986 shortly after the return of Halley’s comet. Everything about this production screams time warp and reminds me a little of Weird Science but with older kids even more obsessed with sex than Gary and Wyatt.

Day of the Comet is currently in post-production but we’ve got a first look at the film and if this extended trailer is any indication, it could turn out to be a fun comedy throwback.

Trailer after the break.

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