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quietearth [Celluloid 05.04.10] news short horror comedy

this one went from trailer to full short available online in record time! Now someone make it feature length!

Transgenic giant crabs attack the beaches of Trouville. The evil Raymond Santos, owner of a nearby processing plant, seeks to increase his company’s profitability by mucking about with the genetic structure of ordinary crabs, which proceed to do what all good self-respecting critters do in those circumstances: they grow to an enormous size and go on a rampage of destruction. They are uncontrollable. Basile Garaud, a member of the coastguard, conducts an investigation into the matter.

Full short after the break. via the excellent Undead Backbrain and our friend Avery.

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Michael Allen (12 years ago) Reply

This had me laughing at the giantism. -Mike


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

yep. hilarious. really enjoyed that a hell of a lot.

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