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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.04.10] movie poster horror cult

Not sure if we've covered the project here already or not, but Mongolian Death Worm director Steven R. Monroe is remaking the classic 70s rape and revenge shocker, I Spit on Your Grave for Cinetel Films and Anchor Bay Ent. I'm a pretty big "fan" of the first, it being one of the first truly disturbing film experiences of my youth (Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hitcher are among others). I swear I never took a bath again.

A writer who is brutalized during her cabin retreat seeks revenge on her attackers, who left her for dead.

The first one-sheet for the project has appeared online and you can see it in full after the break. Anyone out there remember the original?

Full HD trailer here. Copy of the trailer after the break.

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Deggsy (12 years ago) Reply

Oh, yes, I remember getting the Betamax of that from the local shop, breathless with excitement over the movie's reputation. I always wondered what Buster Keaton would have said about his grand-niece Camille starring in this. Some images still remain vivid in my memory even after all these decades (decades?shut up!), especially the spurt of blood under the bathwater after Jennifer castrates one of her rapists. About the only thing which spoiled it was the goofy character of the mildly-retarded guy, though I suppose he accentuates the brutality going on.

Was it exploitative? It had those elements. It was one of the first movies I saw which featured extended full frontal nudity and "graphic" violence. But looking back on it, it doesn't *feel* as exploitative as much of the nihilistic torture porn going on in many modern movies. And while the ordeal she undergoes is certainly harrowing, the revenge she undertakes doesn't have the crowd-pleasing satisfaction of a Death Wish movie. It also appears a more professional, thought-out movie than its contemporary Last House on the Left.

What will the remake be like? If it's anything like Last House's remake, it'll be slick but forgettable. And would it be REALLY be pervy of me to request that they include pube shots, of which there are far too few in today's movies? It's not the late sixties, people, after all. What? It *would* be too pervy? Okay, forget I asked.


Ben Austwick (12 years ago) Reply

I absolutely love the original, its unflinching simplicity is probably an accident of budget but that doesn't stop it being a very effective film. Remaking it is totally pointless, but I'll probably end up going to see it nonetheless

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