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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.29.10] Hungary trailer news drama

The struggles of a single mother are many and when Mona Gajdó finds herself alone with her daughter, she starts to consider actions that usually wouldn’t cross her mind. A man convinces her that to ensure her daughter has everything she needs, Mona should be looking for work outside Romania so leaving her daughter behind in the care of a fortune-teller, she packs her bags, accepts the forged papers and heads to London to work at a night club which is reminiscent of the Milk Bar in A Clockwork Orange. This is were things go bad: she’s busted for working illegally, thrown in jail and eventually released into the custody of the bar owner who forces her to repay the debt as a prostitute.

Is Bibliothèque Pascal a new story? No but it’s unlikely you’ve ever seen the tale told quite like this. It’s not clear how much of the strange director Szabolcs Hajdu has incorporated into the film but the trailers…they’re spectacularly awesome even if they make no sense. The first is the official trailer with the film which, sadly, isn’t in English but does feature some fairy-tale like elements. The second was released during the filming and it’s much darker (in both tone and look) though it still doesn’t explain much of the story. And is it just me or is there a feel of Kubrick that stretches beyond that Milk Bar?

Twisted fairy tale? Yes please.

Trailers after the break.

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mihai d (12 years ago) Reply

I've just seen the film and both the story and the images are fantastic. However, it seems superficial to write a movie review and give away some very important parts of the plot (we call them SPOILERS)before even seeing it, based on the trailers. What is written in the review is what may have happened to Mona in reality, but it's never shown in the film.

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