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Christopher Webster [DVD News 04.26.10] Tuvalu post apocalyptic news dvd cult

I just wanted to remind all you hardcore PA fans out there that tomorrow, April 27, 2010, is a day we here in the states and in Canada have been waiting for for a looooong time. That's right, Terry Nation's original Survivors television series is - for the first time ever - hitting R1 DVD. That's all three seasons on 6 discs.

You can get it on Amazon, but I'm hearing that it's cheaper if you grab it from the BBC America Shop.

Special Features include:

• "The Cult of Survivors"
• Photo Galleries
• Lucy Fleming's Photographs
• BBC Publicity stills

Also out tomorrow from BBC America is a boxed set of season 1 & 2 of the BBC's Survivors remake series. Long time readers know we've been following the new series closely, having reviewed each and every episode. Perhaps not consistently strong, but a decent PA show I think.

Special Features include:

• Making-of featurette (27")
• Character Profiles (12")
• Effects reel (6")
• Easter Egg (10")

Check out a promo clip for the Survivors DVD series set after the break.

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Matov (12 years ago) Reply


The original is so so much better than the remake even if it seems a bit dated now.


tobot (12 years ago) Reply

yes the original series is truly great well worth a watch.


MACSTU (12 years ago) Reply

They just cancelled the awful remake HOORAH!!

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