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quietearth [Celluloid 04.13.10] movie news drama

As a huge fan of Vincent Gallo I can say I'm very excited to see whatever he does, even Tetro which the critics hated but I kinda dug. I didn't think he'd direct again as word was his he would be playing a Taliban member in Jerzy Skolimowski's The Essence of Killing, and he's become quite popular. While this hasn't been officially confirmed, a couple of sources are reporting the experimental 16mm black and white film is headed to Cannes.

This is what Gallo had to say about the filming:

"What I have tried to do in this movie is to make choices as if this was the first movie ever made and not to buy into the story of what cinema should be,” explains Gallo. This means making the film on the hoof, without much in the way of preparation.

I shoot a bunch of stuff – improvs, things when people don’t know they’re being filmed. I look at the footage and separate it into filters. The first category is anything that is beautiful, photographically … beautiful could be out of focus, it could be a mistake. Beautiful can be intentional. It can be just luck, it can be because the film is processed a little funnily … Now, I take the film and start to look at the people in the film and I want them to be beautiful. Again, beauty is relative. Beauty can be beautiful ugly. It can be the back of their heads …"

The film is about a beautiful young girl who is terminally ill. She decides not to go to the hospital or have treatment but to wait until the pain becomes unbearable – and then to end her life. Her one fear is what is going to happen to her body when she is dead. She wants to be cremated. She reaches out to a photographer she meets, asking him to make sure that her wish is fulfilled. He takes a job in a funeral home so that he has the experience to perform the cremation.

Man I'm excited. More as it comes! via The Playlist

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