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quietearth [Celluloid 03.29.10] post apocalyptic trailer news short

This 13 minute short by Bruno Carboni and Davi Pretto has been running the fest circuit for a while, and while unfortunately the teaser shows very little, I'm excited to see the full thing. Hopefully we can get a copy soon.

A young man wearing a gas mask wanders through the deserted streets of a crumbling city. Only a few people - all male - still roam the streets and frequent the coffee shops. Their interaction is minimal and marked by sudden and unprovoked outbursts of violence. Everyone is seemingly waiting for an undisclosed something. It seems to be the next-to-last stop on a decadent ride. In many ways reminiscent of Frank in DONNIE DARKO (but with a gas mask standing in for Frank's bunny mask), the anonymous young man is an existentialist hero in a world where man has been robbed of all purpose. Carboni and Pretto convey a mode of evocative uncertainty that speaks to everyone - transcending language barriers, since we all face the same destiny.

Teaser after the break.

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