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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.23.10] Australia movie trailer horror

Since we last reported on Primal it has been picked up for distribution by UK outfit AV Pictures (The Tournament) and as such a new poster and a full length trailer has appeared. The trailer actually made the rounds over a month ago, so forgive me for only catching up with it now.

A frenzied, visceral nightmare in the vein of Cabin Fever .

Anja and four friends join anthropology student, Dace, on a journey to study a remote, ancient rock painting. Their excitement vanishes when Mel becomes delirious after skinny-dipping in the waterhole.

Feverish, bleeding, confused, she physically and mentally regresses to a vicious predatory state. Mel has gone primal.

Mel's lover and friends realize they are the prey as she savagely hunts them down. Before they can escape another one of them starts to regress, posing a hideous choice; kill their friends or be killed by them. Their only hope of survival is through a cave, where Anja learns too late the meaning of the ancient rock art they came to study.

Primal was directed by Josh Red and stars Krew Boylan, Zoe Tuckwell-Smith,
Wil Traval and Lindsay Farris.

For more info on the film you can check out the official website.

trailer after the break.

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S (12 years ago) Reply

what's sad is that this could actually be scary by just portraying a slow mental breakdown of a person into murderous rage, but looks like it's just an utterly generic and boring superzombie film


rbk (12 years ago) Reply

I imagine that it's just a typo but that should read "Josh Reed" not Red...


Cap (12 years ago) Reply

Inportant safety tip here Egon...When are people going to learn that when you go out into the woods, you ALWAYS take along Mr. Shotgun or his frind. MS.45! just in case you have a "Close Encounter"

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