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quietearth [Celluloid 03.22.10] movie news thriller drama

Now this sounds like something to behold. What will be the directorial debut of Kristin Holt whose been producing films for over 10 years has a great synopsis and an even better. The myspace page for this is quite old, but the last update on the IMDB page was early in 2010, so let's hope it gets made soon.

During the Vietnam War an elite part of the US Government takes over a small, quiet town, hidden high up in the mountains called Crestview. Their purpose is to help change the world to come. 23 years later, off the side of a desolate highway near the now abandoned Crestview, Joshua Briggs finds a bruised and beaten girl. Identifying her only by a delicate child-like necklace that reads "CALY" he takes her in. Having no recollection of her past, Caly desperately clings to him and her newfound friends, as they become the only family she knows. Moving forward with her new life, she builds everlasting bonds in love and friendship. Determined to find her past, Joshua ends up helping her past find her, creating a tragic future. Through a sudden and unexplained murder, their lives are changed forever. Tormented by visions, of unexplainable circumstances Caly searches for truth only to find her surreal past is not so far behind and unknowingly leading her friends through a conspiracy of irreversible mishaps the Government thought it left behind long ago. This surreal, psychological thriller will take Caly through twists and turns finding parts of her hidden past exposing her and her friends to a destiny of horror. Lured into a world of human experiments, drugs and warped methods of control we are taken to a reality right next door. WELCOME BEYOND THE EDGE...

More as it comes.

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

oh she was the producer on the short film The Double. I really liked that one. Will have to look out for this

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