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quietearth [Film Festival 03.16.10] United Kingdom movie trailer news drama romance

I'll say it again, I do love me some weird romance films and this definitely falls into that category.

A poetic love story that follows Manchester and Noon as they enjoy a long, hot, summer romance. Noon is our narrator, a shy taxidermist who keeps a silent menagerie in the freezer alongside Manchester's ice pops. Manchester documents their affair, creating wonderfully charged images with just a couple of cheap, instamatic cameras. When a wealthy gentleman called Franny discovers Manchester and launches his photography on the art world, the success destroys the beauty of their once idyllic life.

NSFW trailer after the break.

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chuck (12 years ago) Reply

Yeah I'm a sucker for the quirky romance flicks also. I'll never forgive the striking writers for killing Pushing Daisies.


rcdude (12 years ago) Reply

Is the song that's played in the trailer from Vampire Weekend?


Bob Doto (12 years ago) Reply

Hard to get a handle on what's going on here. I'm worried it's just gonna start at the beginning, meander into the middle, and then you know, end...


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

tracks in the trailer are 'Gee I Really Love You' by Heavy Trash and 'Woozy with Cider (Instrumental)' by James Yorkston

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