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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 03.11.10] Netherlands movie news drama

Dutch director Tjebbo Penning tells the story of a man who travels to NY City on a quest to track down his ex-wife and mother to his mentally handicapped son. On one hand a very intimate family drama and on the other a ode to the mythic scale of New York seen through a foreigner's eyes.

Great Kills Road has received a couple of positive Dutch reviews from film fests, but that's it. We've heard a lot about the film, but until this trailer arrived haven't seen much.

At first the trailer feels like a documentary what with the way it's filmed. However it isn't. By the end of the footage the tone shifts and the camera becomes more omniscient. I think it works, despite not knowing too many details. The tagline "sometimes doing what's best isn't always right," is certainly intriguing.

Watch the first trailer for Great Kills Road after the break.

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