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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.04.10] movie trailer news action thriller

I was just having a conversation the other day about how awesome Michael Biehn is and how it's too bad he cut from AVATAR. Last time I saw Biehn in a film was Planet Terror, but now he's back with his own film called Blood Bond which looks and sounds a lot like the straight to VHS actioners I used to rent with friends as a kid.

A world-renowned spiritual leader, Bagawans Muktananda, arrives in the Asian nation of Bandanesia to give a teaching to the faithful. Accompanying him is a retinue of monks and attendants, including his personal bodyguard, Deva (Phoenix Chou), a beautiful Eurasian girl with extraordinary physical prowess.

Welcoming Bagawans is security commander Chow (Simon Yam). As soon as Bagawans and his party reach their hotel, they are attacked by assassins from a rebel terrorist group.

Wounded, Bagawans needs to undergo a life-saving operation within 12 hours. However, his blood type is so rare that only a few donors can be found who can reach the capital in time to help. Rebel leader Lompoc obtains the same information, and has his agents kill off the donors one-by-one.

Deva gets information about a possible 7th donor in a remote village in the North, and she decides to brave the dangerous journey alone into the guerilla-held badlands. There, she finds the last possible donor whose blood can save Bagawans: a drunken, embittered former Special Forces operative named Mike Tremayne

Some sales footage has also dropped for the film (via: Twitch) which is pretty fun.

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