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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.02.10] Poland book horror comic

Luke Śmigiel is a talented guy. A journalist, PR guy and PhD student in Wroclaw Poland but apparently, that’s not really enough because Śmigiel is also a writer and if his most recent work, a comic book titled "Decathexis," is any indication, we may soon be seeing his name right up there next to Clive Barker’s.

Described as part cloak and dagger and part steampunk, “Decathexis” looks fantastic and very much channelling Barker’s "Hellraiser" comics. Here’s the official synopsis:

In 1888, the world Kirkegaardu, the dominant religion is death, which was subordinated to every aspect of human life. It is in such a sense of the realities of fighting the main characters - a young tanatolog Jon Pendergast, a man with a brilliant mind and uncommon knowledge about the deceased, and his good friend, the first fencer Queen - Dancer of Death, Danse Macabre. The characters try to solve the riddle of the dead, who inexplicably disappeared from the cemeteries.

There are strong indications that the dark mystery of the Church is mysteriously Moria and his high priest Abaddon La Roche. Immerse yourself in a drab world Decathexis and find out why better to burn the corpses, and not buried in the ground. Meet the dark secret of old and ancient evil, which can not defeat or półtoraręczny sword fencer, muskets or soldiers of the Black Troop. Here comes the mother's death, and soon everyone will have their own experiences.

It’s a great looking comic with some great extras including this awesome “motion comic” which is a great companion piece to the book and which is the first of a number of vidcasts all of which are designed to enrich the written story. Don’t laugh, I know the term motion comic brings back nightmares of the botched Watchmen experiment which was laughably bad but this is seriously awesome.

Video after the break.

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JackCrow (12 years ago) Reply


Review in Polish:


FBrigdon (12 years ago) Reply

It LOOKS good. I wish I could understand Polish... Do you have any idea if here is a translation planned any time soon?


Saladyn (12 years ago) Reply

półtoraręczny sword



Luke Smigiel (12 years ago) Reply

Hello! Greetings from Poland. Thanks for all your interest. Novel Decathexis is already in polish bookstores, we are working hard to create a comic and to translate the book properly. Right now I am writing second part entitled Desiderium Mortis. Sorry for my english.


Luke Smigiel (12 years ago) Reply

DECATHEXIS is on Facebook, in polish, but you can watch more movies and see more comic/book drawings.

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