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quietearth [Celluloid 02.28.10] United Kingdom post apocalyptic zombies movie trailer news action

Get it while it's hot folks, I don't know how long it will be around! And thanks to our friend for the heads up. And here is the first couple of stills for the film. Btw, I don't see what is up with all the hatred for Danny Dyer, I like that dude.

London: The not too distant future. Newgen Industries, a leading pharmaceutical company company, is trying to placate a media uproar. Its new "legal performance enhancer", RAK-295, has met with spectacular failure during testing, causing severe physical and allergic reactions in all 30,000 of its test subjects....

Allergic reactions in all but one user... Angela Mills.

Angela is pregnant and is making arrangements for own leave of absence from a city full of woe and bad memories for her.

With Angela being the only person not to report any type of reaction to Newgen, Dr. Brooke (Head of Newgen) understands that Angela may hold the key to solving this disaster and enlists Cole, the head of security to find her and bring her in for examination.

But Cole, a hardened ex-mercenary, has just handed in his resignation to Peter White, the CEO of the company. Why? He wants out - the undercover violent and murderous job of solving problems 'off the record' has started to weigh heavy on his conscience.

...His timing couldn't be worse. A violent outbreak of a RAK-295 test subject at Newgen's labs reveals that the drug has far, far more catastrophic consequences then either Brooke, White or Cole could imagine. The drug reacts with extreme volatility in the subject, taking over their physiology and mental faculties, and causing accelerated and highly advanced muscular improvement, where that person becomes incredibly fast, incredibly agile, and incredibly ferocious - effectively that person ceases to be who they once were and instead are now these crazed and enraged beings. What's more, not only does it make them impervious to pain, the drug carries a vicious contagion - one bite and the victim 'turns' too.

The outbreak claims Brooke and Peter White and during the struggle Cole is bitten - his fate sealed.

Or is it?..

Trailer after the break.

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agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

Haha, YES! That looks like great fun. Parkour zombies et all.

And yeah, Dyer's all right. He's funny.


oivegottalavverleebanchacoconuts (12 years ago) Reply

Not zombies if they ain't brahn bread. 28 days later with added cockernee goodness, lav a dack they're jumpin dahn the apples and tryin to bite me cobblers off. Add Dick van Dike as a Cokney chimney sweep doing rooftop parkour and it would be perfect.


uncleB (12 years ago) Reply

the urban jumping around zombie shit totally kills this. I wish they would make a movie where some badass merc's go around and kill all those rooftop jumpin jackasses. I can handle fast zombies, but cool handrail fench jumpers? give me a f**kin break.


Last Stand Zombie Series (12 years ago) Reply

What the hell is this? Watch a Zombies how they should be DEAD! Last Stand - Zombie series with Bite! Spread the Fear...


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

What's with the terrible vignetting on all the night scenes? And the trailer pretty much tells you the whole story.
Guess the coolest shots were the death scenes... and now we've seen them all.


Bart (12 years ago) Reply

Good to see a British Zombie movie with some budget and professionalism behind it. Apart from 28 Days/Weeks later, all other recent brit zombie films don't bother with decent actors. directors, script, choreography, effects, etc. This one looks quite fun!


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Danny Dyer is, to use his own colourful vernacular, a fackin' caaant!!


Asanka (12 years ago) Reply

danny dyer will one day turn it round. He's already been acclaimed on Broadway in Pinter. Film looks quite good, though somewhat "influenced" by 28 days.


Michelle (12 years ago) Reply

It's amazing how vocal people can be about Danny Dyer - usually "film makers" with one crap film behind them who try to get him in their next film, then spends hours attacking him online after he very sensibly turns them down!


Tony (12 years ago) Reply

The promo is something Intandem (the sales agents) made themselves before the film was fully shot. It was to take to Berlin to get interest in the film from international distributors. That's why it gives so much away.

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