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quietearth [Celluloid 02.26.10] movie trailer news scifi action

I'm no Gundam fan, but this live action WWII set badasserry looks stunning. Apparently this is a group of filmmakers who made this spec trailer in hopes of getting a feature made, let's help em out with some press.

Set in 1943, the height of WWII, this is a story about an experimental O.S.S. unit code named Project Arbiter. Thousands of feet above Northern Europe a small plane carries a skeleton crew of the Allies best, including Special Fields Op. Captain Joseph Colburn. His handler, Major Thomas Hardy does a final review of the mission’s grim intel: infiltrate a mysterious villa on the Polish border and uncover its secrets. Colburn emerges donning a prototype suit, which can temporarily render its occupant invisible. As the plane’s bay doors howl open Colburn begins to put on the skull-faced helmet when the plane is rocked by an anti-aircraft shell. Rapidly losing air pressure and altitude, now there’s no question... this is a one-way mission.

Trailer after the break. via io9 Thanks to Avery for the heads up.

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JackCrow (11 years ago) Reply

Tech info:

Concept art + real suit shots:


MrSatyre (11 years ago) Reply

Not sure what the Gundam reference is supposed to mean. Gundams are robotic exoskeletons (usually bipedal) averaging 50 feet tall or more, operated by a pilot located in the abdomen or chest region. MS Gundam also takes place several centuries in the future, not during WW II.

If any anime reference could be drawn (based on armor design: red goggles and very long rifle), it would be Kerberos or Jin-Roh, but those took place in alternate history 1960's Japan.

In any case, this looks like it could be good if it's ever made.

Check out Code Guardian for a spectacular WW II CGI battle royal between a giant Nazi and giant American robot!


jaztermareal (11 years ago) Reply

kerberos panzer cops and jin roh are both from kerberos saga, so not separate!

this project arbiter looks cool, but it is doubtfull they will raise enough money to get it out the water. ive seen a few similar projects just fizzle out.

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