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quietearth [Celluloid 02.22.10] movie trailer news scifi action thriller

B-movie legend, Albert Pyun, has passed along the trailer for his gritty hard-boiled scifi thriller, Bulletface. He tells us he filmed it fast and from-the-hip to capture the essence of the B program thrillers of the late 40's and 50's that were made from poverty row studios like Monogram.

The 5-disc Bulletface DVD is 50% off for Quiet Earth readers (code is qebullet50), so even if you don't buy it yourself, pass it on through your media sphere.

Pyun tells us "the discount is my THANK YOU to fans and those who love to hate my movies for supporting my efforts in trying to control the entire life of my movies. Sort of soup to nuts."

Trailer after the break (Thanks to Albert Pyun for fixing the embedding).

The story is set along the Mexico/California Border, principally in Imperial Beach, CA. It concerns a female DEA agent, Dara Maren, who, in protecting her petty criminal younger brother, gets herself arrested and imprisoned in a nightmarish penal colony outside Tijuana.

While she’s in prison, Dara’s brother is murdered by a drug lord who’s creating a new DNA-altering drug made from human spinal fluid… tapped from the living.Hundreds of dead bodies are turning up along the Border, and the drug addicts become something less than human. The drug is so addictive that even law enforcement and government officials are on the stuff. A rogue FBI agent bribes the prison officials to let Dara out to avenge her brother’s murder as well as bring down the drug lord in ways the Feds cannot. When Dara comes out of prison, she is not the same person who went in. The catch? She only gets a 60-hour get-out-of-jail card and must return to the prison to serve out her 20-year sentence, or the FBI agent, who got her out, must take her place.

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Albert Pyun (12 years ago) Reply

Hi QuietEarth,

Sorry about the embedding on It's been adjusted. Hope everyone likes it. The film, stylistically is a throwback to the B program thrillers of the late 40's and 50's. Precursors to the exploitation films of the 60's and 70's. The films we're shoot quick and dirty by the poverty row studios like Monogram. so in keeping with this style of movie, Bulletface is raw, lurid and hardboiled.

Albert Pyun


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Victoria Maurette actually seems like a pretty good actress. The split screen thing also seems kind of interesting. Too bad we weren't shown more of the horror / scifi element.

Don't know if it's really my cup of tea but I may check it out.


Albert Pyun (12 years ago) Reply

Bulletface is kind of a hybrid mixing horror, some sci-fi stuff like X-Files or Fringe but all wrapped around one of those hardbitten, nihilistic crime story. Victoria Maurette is pretty remarkable as she's in virtually every scene and gives a gutsy performance. And like those old B movies like "Detour" and "Gun Crazy" Bulletface was shot in 5 frenzied days.

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