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quietearth [Celluloid 02.12.10] post apocalyptic movie news scifi

Considering this was the first post apocalyptic book I read I'm pretty excited, and yes I've seen the 1984 BBC adaptation.

A sixteen-year-old girl named Ann Burden survives a nuclear war in a small American town. (yes this synopsis is correct)

It's slated for 2011 and sorry folks, but that's all we have for now.

You should all know this one.

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Ben Austwick (12 years ago) Reply

I never saw the original, I should see if I can find a copy.

This is probably the best place to ask - does anyone remember a 1980s BBC kids programme (yes, KIDS programme), about a family living in a fallout shelter who discover there's been no nuclear war and their father has just been testing how they'd cope? I can barely remember it but have thought about it a lot over the years.


JackCrow (12 years ago) Reply

More here:


chuck (12 years ago) Reply

I just finished reading this. The characters, and especially the girl, seem dated. That said, I think this could be turned into a decent film. It could also be turned into another silly horror flick. Time will tell.

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